Common Email Issues / Concerns

The Most Stable way to access the email is via a desktop client or from your mobile device.

Common Email Software

-- Outlook 2010

-- Outlook 2013

-- Outlook 2016

-- Thunderbird -

-- Apple Mail

Please see the following email server settings below

IMAP Server:

SMTP Server:

username: awa email address - for example:

Password: your assigned Password

IMAP Port: 993


SMTP Port: 465


SMTP Authentication is Required

You can login and change your password -

In the upper right hand corner once logged in, click on your username


-- Reset Password

-- Configure Email Client - This will Auto download the above settings to your Mac or Windows PC to setup your selected email client for you

If you attempt a wrong password multiple times your connection will be blocked from the server

If you need your email password reset please email

If you have issues connecting please send the following information 


Your IP from:

What Software having issues

Any Screen Shots